Monday, May 23

The BOHO SHOW in a Nutshell....

Cliff Notes for BOHO SHOW!
 Tantra Theater's director Kamala Devi opens the show with poetry from the Dead Sea Scrolls entltied Thunder, Perfect Mind. "I am Godless. And I am the one who's god is Great!" 
The Bohemian troupe goes on to introduce themselves with wacky personal ads. In sum, we're a motly bunch of poly tantrikas in search of double jointed, adventurous, kinky nudists for tea, yoga and deep conversation...wink. wink.

Heidi Neilson (AKA Kali Das)- Performs an original poem entitled Bohemian Rhapsody wherein she describes the dawn of her sexual awakening at her first Sacred Snuggle party.
Michael does a hilarious new rendition of "Orgasm Man" originally written and posted on Youtube by Comedy Inc. In this picture we see his orgasm mudra and advanced acronym: O.

James Schmachtenberger tells us about his unconventional upbringing in Life in a Laboratory. Here we see his first memory of seeing a vagina was when he was 3 years old and his nanny sat on the edge of the bed giving me an anatomy lesson.

Kassia shares the  magical  tale of how she healed her Love addiction. In a dream-like encounter with her fairy godfather we see Esteban activating her sacral chakra.  
In "Prince Charming", Esteban boldly breaks social taboos by humorously exposing his STD history.  In this scene Michael freezes warts off his hands with liquid nitrogen.
Katie Holton received a standing ovation for her performance called "The Full Molly." Here she sings Chantilly Lace at a Karaoke club at the Dinah Shore weekend.

Mankx explores the wild world of sexual role play with a blow up doll. In this scene, Gigi asks Mankx if he's willing to do a prisoner guard and prisoner scene, where she gets to be the guard.

In "I Know Why The Caged Cock Cringes" by Katie Holton, the audience get to experience lesbian sex, from dick's perspective.

Kamala Devi undresses in the "White Tigress," a performance art piece inspired by Quodoshka teacher and author, Amara Charles.  This piece is a preview from Kamala's forthcoming one-woman-show entitled: The Sacred Slut Series.  
Aknowledgments: Photos by Julie Kondor, Electrick Rick, Crew: Shawn Roop, Vilma, Maha Laksmi, Sarah Murray Novak, Janos, Monique Darling,Nate Darling, SheilaJoy Keller, Steve Bickell, Peter

Thank you for making it such a fabulous show! For details go to: Videos will be posted soon.

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