Monday, May 30

New Vision 4 Taste of Tantra Palooza

      We're counting down...Only 6 months until Tantra-Palooza! A life-changing Sacred Sex Fest with 11 Tantra Teachers! To celebrate, we're inviting you to gather and intensify your energy at this single day event, or a taste, before 11-11-11. Imagine a beautiful summer day out in nature on a healing land in Poway where we can meditate, dance, play, connect and snuggle with community. The first vision was to host a bunch of teachers and have a big buffet of lots of mini-workshops...but the more I felt into it, the more I saw us luxuriating in each other's company.

NEW VISION: I invited Shawn Roop to co-create a spacious day of conscious connection. Shawn and I have designed a deep curriculum for you to awaken, and emmerse yourself in evolutionary sacred sexuality! Bring your own lunch and also dish for our vegetarian community dinner. This is a full day of Tantric connection!

Date: June 11, 2011
Time: 11a to 11p
Where: Poway, directions with confirmation
Tuition: Only $50 for the whole day.
(or FREE if you sign up for Tantra-Palooza!!
  • Schedule:
  • 11am Opening Circle
  • 12pm- Exploration of Sexual Evolution w/ initiation
  • 1:15pm Lunch on the Land (Bring your own lunch)
  • 2:30pm A psychodrama style forum
  • 4:30pm God and Goddess Circle
  • 5:30pm Overhearing the Secrets
  • 6pm Evolutionary Sexuality puja
  • 7pm Community Feast (Bring a Vegetarian dish to share)
  • 9pm Sacred Snuggle Party
  • 11pm Closing Circle
For more info about your guides go to:
Kamala Devi
Shawn Roop
Tantra Theater

Special Taste of Tantra Palooza invitation: Apply your $50 ticket toward Tantra Palooza 11/11/11 and pay only $547! Go to:

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