Wednesday, September 30

Hot off the press!

I'm headed to upstate New York with my carry-on full of pre-launch polyamory DVD's and black lingeree. We're going to the Daka-Dakini Conference to do a pre-release announcement for our forthcoming DVD. While there we're also planning to shoot the cover photo. We plan to dress up like ninjas and jump in a hotel bed together doing a spoof of this classic old swinger movie. (Reid's Idea, I'm too young to be so rhetro!) Michael, Reid and I are all in, but we'll have to pick up an extra woman along the way...oh, and a photographer.  I'm sure someone will volunteer. I'll give you all the juicy details when I return next week.  In the meantime I'm going to enjoy my time away from baby and responsibilities of running the university.
We're going to start taking orders and actually launching the video at our next big community gathering. Can't wait to share serious BLACKBELT level secrets for poly peops! Stay tunned for our spoofy new photos.

Ethics for Nonmonogamous Ninjas
By Kamala Devi and REiD Mihalko

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