Wednesday, February 11

Seven Year Itch Celebration in Costa Rica

To Celebrate seven fantastic years of Extra-Marital Bliss...Michael and I took a second honeymoon to Playa Grande, Costa Rica with twelve of our closest friends and Lovers.
On the day of our Sacred Ceremony we created a chapel in nature. Here the Men are carrying an arch.

We scouted the perfect place to construct the Temple.

Sammy Spent hours in meditation preparing the earth by raking sand spirals

Our Wedding Procession was black, white and mostly barefoot.

An hour before the ceremony, we seperated the men and women into white and red tents to explore the deep personal meaning of love and comittment.

  • The Sacred Ceremony was private, intimate and magical! We both feel so blessed to be journeying on this great adventure together!
    Our vows:
  • To Live Fully
  • To Love Freely
  • To Experience Truth


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