Sunday, February 1

Wicked Bachelorette Party (Sisters in Truth Reunion)

I felt like I was back in college:
Hanging out with the girls at Ariel's Home. Feasting at a fancy Thai Restaurant.
Trying out sexy black Lingeree at the Crypt.
Dancing at the local lesbian scene.
We went to girls night, 80's theme, and "Numbers" and watched a silly girly show where two latina women danced with leg warmers, whip cream and chocolate syrup?!
When they started playing Billy Idol's "White Wedding" we decided it was time to stumble home.
I am so blessed to have these goddesses as sisters, friends in my life! Thanks for kid-napping me and co-creating an unforgettable evening the week before my "Seven Year Itch" ceremony. Yummm. Thank you Sisters in Truth.
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