Friday, January 20

SD Poly Does Gay Pride 2012

Dream with me...

WHO: All our local poly friends and lovers..
WHAT: March and party at the SD Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans Parade & Festival
WHEN: July 21st 2012!! starting 11am
WHERE: Up Normal Street to Balboa Park

To celebrate the capacity to love more than one person without lying or hurting anyone!!!

Here is a general synopsis of last night's discussion:
  • Hold a contest to decide on slogan and logo for T-shirts 
  • Find a sponsor and give free T-shirts for volunteers and make more for sale. 
  • Register and reserve space with pride committee
  • Bid out and secure a flatbed rental truck 
  • Artistic volunteers to make it beautiful. 
  • Oranize who wants to ride and who wants to walk
  • Brainstorm Give aways for the crowd
  • aquire and set up;
  • tables
  • booth,
  • tent/anopiesfor snuggle area,
  • Scheduling volunteers to work booth. (Sign up sheet in 60 minute increments (with extra "on call" people) The sign up sheet included an email address line, an email blast could go out once a week in the couple weeks leading up to the event just to confirm everyone's times, etc.)
  • Schedule Talks/exercises/events throughout the day Small snuggle parties to draw in people. 
  • Collect Raffle items and buy raffle tickets. 
  • Solicite community locally or nationally that would be willing to donate items in exchange for being mentioned on some signage, etc. 
  • We could also have some shirts that say something edgy or funny about poly that we sell at the booth!
What other ideas do you have?
Wanna roll up your sleeves with me and make this happen!?
Who's in? 

WHERE: Up Normal Street to Balboa Park

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