Sunday, January 1

Reflections on 2011: Re-defining Family

Pod- noun. A small school or band of marine animals that play together, especially used to describe whales, seals and dolphins. (Not to be confused with an mp3 player, or the modern acronyms: Passed Out Drunk, Print On Demand or Payable On Death.)Dolphins are social creatures that swim with up to a dozen individuals for protection, hunting and mating. Sometimes Pods temporarily join others for a frenzy of food and play, forming a super-Pod.

2011 Kicked off with an orgasm! Our intimate lovers came together to celebrate and we've since been re-defining family, and calling ourselves a Pod.

As it applies to our polyamorous life, a pod is an tight group of friends who spend a lot of time together, sharing dreams, meals, inside jokes, and even lovers. (Sex is not exclusive or required among friends, but it is not frowned upon, either ;o) We gather weekly for brunch and Zegg style forum.

In Feb. we took our sexy social experiment to the Big Island of Hawai'i and co-created a mini-utopia for the release of James's Documentary. Upon returning to Pacific Beach, we had a new temple space converted from our garage, we shot a test pilot for a hollywood reality show and we talked about moving in together. Communal living has been an evolving conversation punctuated by monthly snuggle parties, play parties, naked movie nights, tantra talks, and poly potlucks.

In the Spring we made a magical connection with Modern Tantra Master Charles Muir and enjoyed sharing his pujas, privates and conscious loving weekend workshops. Followed by more romantic memories at Adam's annual trip to Canyon de Guadalupe in March. For my birthday, I took a trip to Cabo with my blood family and survived an electrifying experience in a jacuzzi at a day spa.

Between Tantra Theater's unforgettable production of the "Boho Show," and launching a provocative new holiday tradition called the "Sack-Religious Show," Michael started lessons for blues guitar and I performed at Bawdy Storytelling in LA then poured myself into writing and producing my one woman show. Streaming video now available on www.TantraTheater.TV The "Sacred Slut Series" was my single most important creation, next to giving birth.

Devin, age 4, loves marine biology and is excelling at his French emersion Pre-School and was unafraid to speak new languages on our month long European adventure.

We started off at Zegg, the Free Love commune, outside of Berlin. Staying in a tent, in the woods, in a rain storm. I immersed myself in raw emotional processing, contact dancing and video journaling, which was immensely healing during the loss of a deep love affair. After 10 days at Zegg, we met up with James and Jen in Berlin and went hiking in the picturesque hills of San Leonardo, drove race-cars at Kinder-land in the Italian Riviera and met up with Tahl for the last 10 days to outdo the sex clubs in Paris for Michael's birthday. The sleep, sex and dietary changes challenged the harmony of the pod, we endured some grueling processing, but in the end, Jen and I were sad to say goodbye to our new French Lover.

In the Fall, 3 peaceful tantra temples were raided by the Arizona police at gunpoint and about 30 tantra practitioners were wrongfully accused of prostitution, a number of them went to jail, and were held with unreasonable bails and are still facing felony charges. I threw myself into fundraising, activism and blogging in their support. It was an honor to serve the goddess with this cause, and the case is ongoing and needs our help. Go to Jen came with me to New York for the sacred sex round up and Arizona to help raise awareness with my one woman show. Then my grandfather died, though I couldn't be there to put him in the ground, I lead a Dia De Los Muertos ritual in his honor and am still saying goodbye in my own way.

The winter warmed up as my hot new romance with Roxanne developed and we played together with the "SuperPod" at Tantra Palooza on 11-11-11. Despite the rain and plumbing problems, 5 transformative days with 11 teachers re-ignigted my dreams of living in a creative and sustainable sex-positive cooperative. For Thanksgiving, Devin got pole dancing lesson, and a private ski lesson in Big Bear for Christmas. On New Years Eve we installed our new Fu Dogs to energized our intentions for a wildly successful reality show which we plan to start as early as February.

I'm wishing you and abundance of Love, creativity, authentcity and Freedom in 2012!!

Blessed Be.
Kamala Devi


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