Sunday, December 11

Sack-Religious Show Cliff Notes

     We had over 200 participants gather to experience Tantra Theater's holiday show on Dec 8 and 9th at Queen Bee's Art and Culture Center in Northpark.
1) Sister Superior warmed up the audience with an invocation and short sexy sermon.

2) Father Michael inspired "Confessions" by the entire ensemble of writer/performers: Adam, Chris, Coby, Jenn, Nate, Katie and Monique.
3) Michael played an original Song about creation: "Brahma the great creator."
4) Monique shares a deep personal narrative about her tantric awakening and how she become a tantric facilitator after growing up in conservative Utah.
5) Michael offers a dramatic interpretation of "Jesus was way Cool" by King Missile.
6) Adam does Stand up comedy as "Jesus Christ" doing hands on healing and teaching us not only to love one another, but to make love to one another.
7) In this spectacular song and dance number Chris shares about how hard (or not hard) it is to get an erection at his first tantric play party.
INTERMISSION We announce the VIP after party with Naked Butlers!
Special Thanks to Sabrina, Cheri, Bodhi, Manx, Roxanne and Ellen for your Sexy Service!

8) Katie shows us how she fell in love with a foul mouth innocent (played by Jenn) who dared to ask the question: Why did Jesus have to die? Why can't god forgive our sins without a blood sacrifice?
9) Nate rewrites his relationship to self pleasuring using rope as a metaphor for how he's been trapped in his own prison, he untangles himself from his programming and redefines sexual sin as Shame.
10) Coby explores a dark fantasy based on the question: what kind of a twisted perverted bitch hires a prostitute in Vegas on Christmas eve? Or worse yet, IS a prostitute?

11) Michael plays "Satan was way cool" by Beck and then introduces the audience to our version of Hell.

12) Jenn leads the cast in a sensual lap dance to "Devil Inside" by Inxs.

13) Kamala Devi presents Adam with the Golden Lingam award, well deserved recognition for a brilliant performance and for his ongoing support and devotion to other tantra theater players.

We did a Question and Answer panel with the cast at the VIP party with the artist's after the show! We explored the rewards and challenges of the three month personal growth course. Auditions for the next Tantra Theater course will be held again in January.
For more pictures and video go to: www.TantraTheater.TV

Most photos were shot by cast photographer: Julie Kondor Thanks to Rob at Namaste Media, Ankah Desh and Electric Rick!

***This holiday season you can get yourself or your loved ones the gift of a photo shoot. Tantra Theater audience members get a 10% discount.  A personal on location photo shoot with Julie Kondor for the special rate of only $300 a session which usually takes 2-3 hours. She is magic to work with and Kamala Devi personally recommends her for the tantra community.

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