Thursday, December 1

The Sack-Relgious Show is on Thursday & Friday!!

 Cum all ye who are Religious in the Sack! Photo ©AnkhaDesh

Why I hate the Holidays: 

   After Black Friday, every year, I pack up for a holiday retreat...which usually involves leaving the civilized western world to get the hell away from the comercial temptation to shop for stupid stocking stuffers and sugar cookies.  Having been raised by wrathful and guilt-ridden Jewish & Catholic parents, I have a double dose of disdain for the overblown religiosity of the season.  

       Recently, as the mother of a bright eyed 4 year old boy, who's birthday falls in the midst of all the holiday madness...I've come to realize that it's not all about me. (Imagine that!)  Perhaps there's something more. Something even deeper for me to explore...?

But how can I bear to wear ugly sweaters drink egg-nog and maintain my  Ba-humbug-I'm too sexy for the Grinch like attitude?  I'm curious. Really. I want to know what a true tantric christmas looks like. 

This year, instead of running away, I'm staying in San Diego to face my demons.  Better yet, I'm going to cover myself in plum pudding and wrestle the dreaded Santa Beast myself. (Ho! Ho! Ho!) Who wants to watch?

     Tantra Theater is producing a spectacularly naughty little production called "The Sack-Religious Show"  with 9 talented performance artists who are willing to get emotionally naked onstage. We each have a diverse degree of religious damage that we are willing to divulge for your entertainment and enlightenment.  Add spice to your holiday season with this radical variety show we celebrate our religious freedom and right to free speech with music, dance, song, and comedy about sex and spirit. 

Writer / Performers:
Katie, Adam, Chris, Coby, Jenn, Michael, Monique and Nate. AND DID I MENTION KATIE? Directed by Kamala Devi 

VIP After-Party:
Register early so that you can attend this exciting extra event.
After the Show a select group of audience members will be ushered to an intimate back room where they will snuggle and play and enjoy  holiday hors d'oeuvres served by naked butlers. The Cast and Crew will also make an appearance and engage in a lively Q & A.  Register early so you can get intimate with the cast in this private setting. Space is limited to the FIRST 30  people, only $10 extra.

$25 Early Bird Online
$30 at the Door
$50 Both Nights + free VIP party!
Contact or buy online at

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