Tuesday, September 20

Save the Tantra Temples

Here's an update on The recent tantra temple raids in Phoenix and Sedona. Tracy Elises bail has been raised to 1 million dollars. Let's put the Fun back into "fun"draising! Kamala Devi invites you to a Pre party for Tantra Palooza and a Matching Fundraiser on Sat Oct. 8th at 4pm. For details or to donate go to http://templelife.tv/donate-for-legal-defense

Let's put the FUN back in Fundraising with this outrageous community party and snuggle. We will gather at 4pm and do Tantra Theater Improv. Followed by a brief talk and fundraising drive for the Tantra Temples (if you can't contribute funds at this time, come anyway to help raise the vibration!) Then we'll go into community Potluck and Sacred Snuggle Party.
No Pressure, No Charge at the door, No strings, just bring your check-book for the Fundraiser.

The intention of this Pre-Party:

1) Raise money for the Tantric Temples legal defense in Phoenix. Kamala Devi is offering matching funds for up to $2K.

2) To gather and start the foreplay with Tantra-Palooza alumni and get registration rolling. (Hold your space for only $111)

3) To do what we do best, Love, Laugh and Live!

For details contact: For details go to: http://www.partnerplayshop.com/page/page/8090608.htm
For Questions write: kalidas@blisscoach.com

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