Monday, September 12

Good News: Aquiring an Attorney to Defend the Tantra Temples


Anonymous said...

OMG Watch ur video. Body fluids? U r totally inapt of real life listen to urself. Nuts. and nobody has even cared to post a comment.Prostitution is real lady! Diseases....have u ever thought of that?

Anonymous said...

Does the lesbian and gay charge for happy endings NOT so do not compare urselves to that community.Ur religion of your choice is fine and dandy but why do u have to charge money or so called"donations" for sex ?simple! Prostitution front always trying to make a buck the easy way. and yes I have been there

The Delphic Sibyl said...

Dearest Kamala Devi, thank you for all of the effort and love you are putting into helping Tracy Elise and the Tantra temple plight in general.
Please do feel free to remove uncultured, cowardly comments above who clearly are not willing to show their names, nor even spell check their own words.
Let such ignorance dwell as it will in shadow, let them tire of darkness on their own time while we continue to spread the light.
Much love and support to you, sister.

Anonymous said...

This is a great opportunity to discuss legalization of prostitution.
I mean, what is the difference between handing my girlfriend a $100 bill for sex or taking her out for a $100 dinner with sex afterward? Think about it.

While I'm at it - Ms. Devi - you are just a breath of friggin fresh air. If I lived on the west coast, I'd come fuck you myself. (With your permission, of course) (You wouldn't be disappointed):)

In lieu of that, I am sending you good vibes and prayers.

One more thing - I'm waiting for the follow-up piece on Trouble in Poly .... about the bi-sexual husband that comes in and sexes everybody's sexual energy up?

God/dess bless you.