Sunday, April 10

Inspiration for bo-he-mi-an (tantra theater show)

San Diego Tantra Theater's presents:
We modern bohemians are passionate contradictions. We are sensitive, yet we care not what others think. We are visionaries in art and culture, pissing people off as we push towards world peace. We believe in our various causes with such intensity that we either enroll or overwhelm those around us. We love music, have pets, light candles, read poetry and dress in a manner that makes you wonder if there is an old winnebago driving around South America without curtains. We are eccentric trend setters who are too individualistic to organize a real movement. But somehow we manage to dominate poetry readings and have put together this sexy performance art happening. We hope to see you at our show.
Here's a collage of images to inspire the cast and crew for our upcoming Show:

Hope these inspire you as much as they inspire me!

7:30pm Saturday May 14th 2011.
(Possible show on Friday May 13th)
$25 per ticket. $20 early bird special if you buy from a cast member.
Location: TBA

Featuring original work by:
Shawn Roop,
Michael McClure,
Akasha Rose,
Heidi Neilson,
Esteban Cisnez,
Katie Holton,
James Schmachtenberger
Kassia Young-Walker,
Mankx Wilson,
Directed by Kamala Devi

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