Monday, December 29

Betty Page Passes

Hi Lovers,
I'm curled up by my wood-burning fireplace nostalgically reflecting on the year and writing my last newsletter of 2008!
A low-light of the season is that one of my idols, Betty Page the 1950's pin-up model died last Thursday. Her image aided the sexual revolution in the 60's, but her later years were marked by depression, violent mood swings and mental illness. She died in the hospital of pneumonia at age 85. May her beauty live on in the hearts of her admirers.
In reflecting on this years highlights, I admit it's hard to separate my professional wins from my personal wins...I guess that's what happens when you're living your passion!

My top five professional highlights are:
5. Getting interviewed on the Tyra Banks Show in New York.
4. First Annual Tantra Palooza Festival in our back yard Tent.
3. A spontaneous trip to Zegg in Germany to be in a documentary.
2. Leading a solstice ritual with 135 tantrikas in our backyard.
1. Releasing a new book with Baba Dez: Sacred Sexual Healing!

FREE GIFT: To thank you for being such supportive readers, we are uploading our first chapter for free, it's called: What is Tantra, Anyway? It clearly defines various branches of tantra theory and practice. Also, if you didn't read last week's email, you can still get your 10 page report on tantra terms and concepts AND we have one more gift coming before the year is through!
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Starting in Feb. next year we have a bunch of exciting new offers in the works such as:
Monthly Goddess Gatherings (First Saturdays)
Monthly Sacred Snuggle Parties (First Saturdays)
Regular Advanced Sacred Sexual Play Parties (invite only) Cobra Breath Initiation with Kip and Lexi (March 20-22)
Tantra Theater Weekend with Freddy Zental (April 17-19)
Free Love Fundamentals with REiD Mihalko (May and Nov!)
Tantra Teacher Training with Shawn Roop (June 22-28)
Tantra Palooza Festival with 9 teachers (9/9/09!)

We'll still offer 90 day courses such as: How to Write a book, Artist way, Sisters in Truth, Erotic Way, Tantra Theater Troope and Brothers in Truth! Keep checking our calnendar for details:
Warm Hugs,
Kamala Devi

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