Tuesday, June 26

Shit Tantra People Say Video

.This is a playful spoof at how people in our tantra community speak by SD TantraTheater. 

Our Next show is called Polyamory, July 6 & 7, 12 Downtown San Diego. Whether you are single, practicing polyamory, married, dating, swinging, kinky, tantric --or beyond labels--your going to love the show. For tickets and Showtimes go to http://tantratheaterdoespolyamory-es2.eventbrite.com/?srnk=1

Thank You Tantra Theater Performers:  
Kamala Devi,
Shawn Roop,
Michael McClure,
Roxanne DePalma,
Jennifer Gold,
Tahl Gruer,
Viraja Prema
Videography by:
Steve Bickel
Directed by:
Kamala Devi
For more fun videos go to: http://www.tantratheater.tv

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