Thursday, April 19


April 19th, 2012

Today on Twitter: "POLYDAR" N. the intuitive gift of observing someones non verbal behavior and determining their capacity to conduct honest multiple loving relationships. 

Let it be known around the universe that "Polydar" is a conjugation of the words "Polyamory" and "Radar." Much like Gaydar or Spiderman's "Spidy" sense, the new term is used to refer to the intuitive gift of detecting someone's inclination or capacity to be in multiple loving relationships with the consent of everyone involved. 

Can you help me think of any other sentences to illustrate "Polydar" in context: 

1. My Polydar went off as soon as that triad walked through the door.
2. I know she's married but my Polydar tells me there's something more going on.
3. Whenever I go to a cuddle partyTM it really puts a wrench in my polydar. 
4. My lover Tahl has an overzealous Polydar and thinks everyone is poly. 
5.  My polydar is spot on and I can sniff a poly person from ten paces away. 

Help us spread the word by using it with friends and family and re-tweeting this post.  I am sending it to wikipedia and after it gets published twice we can also submit it to the written dictionaries. 

(And if this word comes up on your screen with a little red line under it, please edit your spell check and add it to your dictionary!) 

By Kamala Devi, Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach


Anonymous said...

Wups! You misspelled "radar" in the title.

Julio Nerys Colon said...

Polyradar requires you to engage All your senses and energy centers in an open, intentional and synergistic fashion.

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