Saturday, March 24

Tantra Sutras & Poly Proverbs by Kamala Devi for Spring equinox 2012

• In the absence of impatience, the fullness of the moment is realized.
• I delight in the precious moment in which we stop looking and start seeing.
• Being a courageous YES to life is an experience earned through valuing each No.
• This is my daily workout: I rush up to the edge of what I know about myself and push.
• I've heard this story before, I may know it well, but please go on, I've never heard it from you.

• I yearn to see you beyond my own projections.
• I am the one who chooses whether to act from ego, instinct, conditioning, or love.
• Confidence is knowing I can handle anything; acceptance is knowing that it can handle itself.
• I'm rolling over to show you my tender underbelly, not because you showed me yours...but just because, this is me.
• Who am I beyond a figment of my imagination or an aspect of my personality.
• Holding space is listening for who you are, regardless of the words and tone and gestures…who are you beyond all that.
• People who do things because the unseen voices told them to can be considered certifiably crazy, yet, I don't have a better reason for what I do.
• It's not that you wake up one day and say "Who's writing this script?" and then re-write the whole story, it's something we must practice a little everyday.
• To lose sight of the divine, when you are as devotional as I am, can be blinding, but it's not nearly as bewildering as an atheist who starts to suspect that God existed behind his eyelids all along.
• Trying NOT to be in my ego is sometimes the most ego activating choice I make.
• Is it possible to be real, and look good?

• Before enlightenment chop wood carry water. After tantric enlightenment sport wood, squirt water.
• You can be mysterious at times, and even surprise your lover with the unexpected, but the biggest secret to great sex is having no secrets.
• I cultivate quiet passion by never speaking of my perverted fantasies, this practice does not, however, stop me from occasionally hinting, or playing them out.
• Sex with someone you don't know is good, sex with someone you know is great, and sex with someone that is ultimately unknowable is god.
• My spectacular day was one fuck short of perfect!

• I am always with you, yet simultaneously missing you.
• My devotion to you is all-consuming, ultimately it will devour your distrust of me.
• Your touch short circuits all my defenses, but can I really trust you with my tender heart?
• Your seductive moves have lost their charm on me, now I am only interested in merging with the one that is moving.
• I'm glad you don't desire me just for my mind, because I suddenly get stupid when you walk into the room.

• What good are words in the company of your beauty? I'd be better off trying to describe silence.
• I dreamt I was connecting with you, and then I woke up and the connection didn't go away, nor did the dream.

• We do.
• Enjoy extra-marital bliss.
• When I talk with the beloved, it's heart-to-heart-to-heart...
• As a self appointed rep. for the poly community, I am intent on making mistakes other people can learn from.
• Rather than a wife, after 10 years of marriage, I prefer to think of myself as a perpetual lover.
• Despite the rumors, I am not anti-marriage. I cherish mine so much that I want to incorporate another married couple (and their two dogs) into my nuclear household.
• They say it's better to have two kids than one: they learn to share better, take care of each other, they don't get spoiled and the love is exponential. Why doesn't this household wisdom apply to lovers as well?
• As a bisexual woman, the way I see it, if I were monogamous, I'd be missing out on half the fun.
• If we appreciate humans are as unique as snowflakes, why are we still so envious of each other?
• Maintaining multiple lovers is a pleasure too great to be reserved for just royal families, mormons and professional golfers.
• Multiple partners equals multiple personalities, multiple perspectives, multiple orgasms and multiple expansion!
• If you're idea of romance is adoring someone to the exclusion of all others, I prefer you find someone else to adore.
• I wish I could walk down the streets proudly holding hands with all my lovers, but the sidewalks simply aren't wide enough.
• What's so damn subversive about loving more than one person without lying or hurting anyone else?
• I may not be able to maintain meaningful relationships with all 7 billion people on this planet, but by loving all my lover's lovers, I am a bit closer.
• I only partially agree with George Michael: Sex is natural - sex is fun, but I'm not sure it's best when it' on one.
• Polyamory is not the same as promiscuity. Yes, some people are both, and I celebrate their personal preference, just as I celebrate prudes who practice polyamory.
• I admit the poly community may be a bit insestuous, but I enjoy making love with my lover's lovers and wonder why fucking the family gets such a bad wrap!?
• One of my lovers turns me upside dow, another one inside out, several send me spinning, but you are my northward pole who gives order to all my adventure.

• There is magic in every moment, but especially in the ones where we meet.
• I've never experienced an unanswered prayer, they are just not answered YET, or WILDLY surpassed!
• There is a certain magic that pervades the space between our bodies...and for my next act, we're going to make it disappear.
• Waking life is so unbelievable, random people often pinch me to see if I'm for real.
• Miracles happen so often that I just expect them, or maybe, it is the other way around?

• Shooting erotica brings new meaning to the word: Action!
• The most illuminating poetry arises out of self pleasure; 'tis a pity my hands are too engaged to wield a pen..
• Anticipating my connection with you, uplevels the conversation in my head.
• My sexual impulse and creative inspiration are so aroused in your presence, it's a shame to untangle them.
• When it comes to worship, talk is usually worthless, but your words fill me like the sweet scent of a burnt offering.
• Your wordless depths make my passion eloquent.
• Of all the plentiful forms of worship, I usually find talking fruitless, but a few words from you have scattered like seeds in my heart, and proliferated my soul.
• If Shakespeare were alive to day, he might say: "All the world is a Reality Show."
• When doing an on-camera interview, remember: There's no such thing as a stupid question...only stupid answers.
• Did you know there's a little red light on a movie camera that lights up like a clit when it's turned on ;)

• 5 years ago, a little piece of my heart ripped out of my yoni and started to beat on it's own. Happy Birthday, Devin.
• When asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, Devin says: Everything, like my dad.

• Tucking Devin (5) in to bed last night I say: Sweet Dreams, Darlin'.
Devin: I have a whole box of dreams some of them are good, but some of them are nightmares. Don't worry, whichever one I pick, I'm going to be OK.
Mom: Speechless kiss on the forehead.

• Devin: I know what's really inside every church.
Mom: You do? How do you know?
Devin: Because I'm a kid, and all kids know about church.
Mom: Tell me, what's really inside?
Devin: Boring stuff.
Mom. Oh.

• Devin (5) says: Did you know that if you don't have drumsticks and you want to play the drum, you could always use crayons or colored pencils? Did you know that?

• On the way to pre-school, Devin stuck his head out the window today and said: "I'm so glad there is stuff on this planet. It would be so boring if there was nothing here to play with."


Wildchildcara said...

I freakin' LOVE U!!! Thank you for this - it's light, lovely & humorous. I trust that the reality show will bee the same. Can't wait.

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