Friday, February 17

Valentines Poly Potluck with Kamala Devi

We had a lively gathering with 44 friends and Lovers who gathered to feast and discuss the hot topic: relationship agreements. As an icebreaker we discussed our deal makers and our deal breakers in relationship. We went around the circle and came up with the following list:
Passive aggressive
Family /community
Controlling and constraining
No condoms/safe sex rules
Excessive negativity
Not able to trust
Lack of integrity
Bad sense of humor
Unwillingness to communicate transparently
Bad hygiene
Uninterested in sharing creative passions
Macho man
Malicious deception
Lack of loyalty
Acceptance of child
Help discover who I am
Someone who is unhappy
Acceptance of dog as soulmate
Not able to be present
Taking not adding to relationship
Bad breath
Lack of integrity
Safe sex
There was a rich discussion afterwards around how to clearly communicate our boundaries and create a written agreement. This topic will likely be extended in next month's Poly Geometry discussion. Hope to see you on the 2nd THURSDAY of each month! Love,
Kamala Devi
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