Thursday, October 6

"Pre-Palooza Party and Matching FUNraiser to Save the Tantra temples"

Dear Ones,
One month ago on Sept. 7th, in Arizona, the police raided three peaceful Tantra Temples, "automatic weapons drawn, throwing women to the ground, smashing altars and sending over a dozen priests and priestess to prison.", These temple members are now wrongfully accused of prostitution and facing felony charges for practicing sacred sexuality.
Church founder Tracy Elise is still in jail. The judge will be hearing the motion to Reduce her UNREASONABLE bail (1 Million Dollars!) this WED. Let's pray that this amount gets drastically reduced so she can come home.

In order to raise awareness and funds for their legal defense, we are hosting a big FREE PARTY in San Diego THIS Saturday the 8th: "Pre-Palooza Party and Matching FUNraiser to Save the Tantra temples."

Festivities will go from 4pm to 11pm, here's the agenda:

4pm Tantra Theater: Songs and Performances by Kamala Devi, Michael McClure, Brande Faris, Rae Newoman Kali Das, and our new guy: Coby.

5pm Panal Discussion with Tracey Elises Children, Mare Simon, Ariel White and numerous other Tantra Teachers!

6pm Auction. The community is pooling it's resources and offering :
Tantra Theater Tickets
Sacred Sexual Healing
voice lessons,
Crystal necklaces,
Session with teachers such as Scott Catamas, Mare Simone, Ariel White, Rhada Bast, Keli Lalita and MUCH MORE!
Do you have a product or service to offer at the auction? Please write:

7:30pm POTLUCK
SNUGGLE PARTY goes until 11pm!
We will send our sacred sensual energy to FREE the GODDESS!

All proceeds from the auction and fundraiser will go to the Legal defense for the Tantra temples in Arizona. For insider details about this current event go to:
We are supporting the Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) Legal defense fund as well as Our goal is to raise $10K and help FREE 18 brothers and sisters who are on trial.

P.S. Since space is limited PLEASE RSVP Now...

and we'll send directions.

If you are NOT available you can donate at: or
If you don't have the funds, please light a candle and say a prayer for FREEDOM wherever you are.


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